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We are the Recommended Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning specialist. Our carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning, also referred to as “hot water extraction”. To maintain the longevity and upkeep of your carpet, manufacturers recommend steam cleaning on an annual basis.

We use the powerful truck mounted cleaning system to thoroughly clean your carpets. Power Clean Carpet Cleaning uses all natural citrus oils which are safe for children & pets. Our truck mount system provides a deep rinsing with no residue, minimal dry time, and exceptional results.
We will always be honest with our customers about the expected results. Our quality and experience as Albuquerque carpet cleaners truly separate us from the rest of the pack. Customer satisfaction is essential, so give us a call to schedule your next carpet cleaning.

Our Services

Our company uses high powered truck mount hot water extraction cleaning process to increase the life of your carpet. Our system allows us to achieve top notch results and your carpets will be cleaner and drier when you choose Power Clean Carpet Cleaning.

Experience makes all of the difference when it comes to upholstery cleaning Albuquerque. At Power Clean we use a new low moisture advanced method, so we can also ensure that your upholstery is Cleaner, Dryer, Faster. This way you don’t have to worry about allowing them to dry for a whole day.

Hard surface cleaning just got a whole lot easier with our system. We use 220 degree heat along with state of the art tile and grout equipment to blast away dirt and grime. Our high pressure system will leave your tile looking exceptionally cleaner and restored to near it’s original color.

Pet odors can be caused by the residue and oils from your pets skin and fur that is transferred onto your carpet & upholstery.  To really ensure your carpets and upholstered furniture stay stain and odor free, you need professional cleaning services from Power Clean Carpet Cleaning.

Pet urine stains are unpleasant and the smell can get much worse if left untreated. Regular stain and odor removal also helps to maintain your carpets & upholstery, which protects your investment. Our pet urine treatment & stain removal system is tailored to neutralize the odor and keep your home smelling fresh & clean.

Power Clean Carpet Cleaning ✓

Our Competitors ✘

  • We use 100% biodegradable natural plant based cleaners with citrus blends made from orange, lemon, lime, and tangerines.
  • We give you up front pricing that never changes. No gimmicks or tricks.
  • Power Clean uses a Ultra High Pressure Truck Mount system that produces more suction and heat than any of the competitors leaving your carpets Cleaner, Drier, Faster!
  • We send trained, uniformed consultants to provide you accurate, honest, and guaranteed service.
  • We offer the highest quality carpet cleaning services available and we still remain competitively priced to save you money.
  • Use cheap, high residue, toxic chemicals that are harmful to your carpets.
  • Fail to offer or guarantee up-front pricing.
  • Use low powered equipment with low suction leaving your carpets wet for up to 48 hours or longer.
  • Send high pressure salesmen into your home to provide services that continue to get more expensive.
  • Advertise low prices to attract as many people but provide subpar services without any guarantees.
We do

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Albuquerque Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Power Clean Carpet Cleaning

Don't take our word for it...

Patty Sanchez
Patty Sanchez
00:04 15 Jan 20
Excellent work ! I'm so happy my carpets look awesome guys !! Thank you so much see you in 3 months !!!!
Chandelle C.
Chandelle C.
14:11 14 Nov 19
Just got my carpets cleaned and the care and attention to detail that was given was the most superior to any carpet cleaning service I have ever had. If...
rico aragon
rico aragon
04:08 27 Sep 19
Benjamin and his partner did a really great job on our carpets. Scheduled an appointment and they were there right away. They took their time and got the job done quick. Would definitely recommend this company to people.
Patty Sanchez
Patty Sanchez
18:56 07 Sep 19
Excellent work ! I'm so happy my carpets look awesome guys !! Thank you so much see you in 3 months !!!!
Amy C. Baldwin
Amy C. Baldwin
23:16 29 Aug 19
Our carpets look amazing! Our technician arrived right on time and was very professional. He did a thorough job and the carpets look like new! Thank you again!
Linda Baker
Linda Baker
01:01 07 Jun 19
These guys are awesome! Benjamin even carried 3 heavy packages up a steep & tall set of steps . . . there's no way I could have done that myself, I was in a spot. He was so kind and even refused a $50 tip!! I am so thankful to you. I woudn't hesitate to recommended this company to friends & family, and they are very trustworthy!!
Emilia Gorospe
Emilia Gorospe
01:39 07 May 19
Benjamin did an amazing job!! He came out to clean my carpets from a roof leak right away!! They got out spots that other cleaners couldn’t, and even took the time to show me products I could use inbetween cleaning appointments for my pets. I will FOREVER recommend Power Clean Carpet Cleaners and will call them for all of my future appointments!!!
Courtney Lovato
Courtney Lovato
15:20 13 Mar 19
Benjamin did a great job on my carpets!! He was even able to get out a red koolaid stain that other companies had told me would have to be bleached and re-dyed to match the carpet. I am so impressed!! Additionally, the service was prompt (no 4 hour windows you have to wait), easy to schedule, and all my interactions were excellent. I will be using Power Clean for all of my future carpet cleaning needs and recommending them to all of my friends.
Bridget Poper
Bridget Poper
21:50 07 Mar 19
FANTASTIC! Beyond just a cleaning.... A whole restoration! Benjamin and Mario did an excellent job. The past years I have used Groupons, attempting to get that "better deal" or "amazing discount". Each time I was left feeling like there was a difference I could "somewhat" see (looking back now after using Power Clean I was just kidding myself). I had just accepted the fact that I really just needed to replace my carpet, and that there was not much else that could be done. Well today I decided to try something different. I looked online and came across their informative website. I was looking for a company that could help me with mainly pet dander and allergens (hoping that this may help until I replaced the carpet). I would walk in to my house and just feel this weight that I can't explain, but if you are reading this I know you know what I'm talking about. Maybe because of all the things I needed to do lol.... but I think it was because honestly the years of build up in our carpet that had never been truly addressed. My previous attempts to have it cleaned failed me, but today I can say I honestly feel as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They did many things to my carpet with really cool gadgets, that none of the other companies had done before. They used their all natural products and deep steam cleaner to bring life back in to my carpet, and topped it off with this all natural citrus scent that is making me so happy right now!!! They let me in on some of the AMAZING before and afters in the process (one of them I posted). I am SUPER grateful that there are companies and people out there that still exist who take great pride in their work, and work really hard to make sure the customer is truly satisfied (and in my case... blown away!). Amazing and affordable service by a great company that I will definitely be telling all my friends/family about. PS... I felt super comfortable around them and would tell anyone worried about someone unknown coming in to your house.... you are in good hands. On the left is my before YIKES!
Bridget P.
Bridget P.
14:03 07 Mar 19
FANTASTIC! Beyond just a cleaning.... A whole restoration! Benjamin and Mario did an excellent job. The past years I have used Groupons, attempting to get...
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez
19:56 21 Feb 19
Benjamin and Mario are the best!! They made my nasty gross pet stained carpet look brand new!! The tools and process the use is unmatched the best carpet cleaning in Albuquerque no doubt!! Thank you so much my apartment looks brand new!
Suzanne Popejoy
Suzanne Popejoy
20:20 09 Feb 19
Great job!! They use a steam system that really deep cleans. They move some furniture and protected ones that we did not move. Best cleaning I've ever had ... and, they're nice guys! Highly recommended.
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia
18:38 29 Jan 19
Wonderful, quick service! This was our second time working with Benjamin, and he was pleasure to work with and went above and beyond with service. He even took our our trash out for us! Highly recommend, and we will be back for future services.
Schylar M.
Schylar M.
11:24 30 Nov 18
I thought about posting before pictures to provide proof of the great work, but I will spare you all. My dog got very sick in her room which left quite a...
Shena J.
Shena J.
15:04 16 Jun 17
Great customer service!!! Ben cleaned both tile and carpet. Will not go with a different company!!!

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