Power Clean Red Stain Removal Technique

What do you do when you accidentally spill red wine or Kool-Aid on your clean carpet? These liquids have the ability to stain your carpet but if you react quickly you can prevent the stain from becoming permanent.

I am going to cover the Power Clean Carpet Cleaning method to keeping your carpet looking after an accidental spill of red liquid.

Items needed:
  • White terry cloth towel
  • Paper towels
  • Steam iron or household iron
  • Brush to agitate carpet
  • DEADRED © red stain remover
  1. Upon discovering the red stain from red wine or Kool-Aid ©, it is important that you react quickly for the best results. Do your best to blot the stain with a white terry cloth towel or paper towels. The technique is to blot and not to scrub the stain.
  2. The second step is to use DEADRED © by Newline Industries. Dead Red is a one-part red stain remover that excels in the removal of food and beverage stains on synthetic carpets and fabrics. Dead Red alters the structure of stains thereby making them invisible. Children’s drinks, fruit juices, and sports drink stains are no match for Dead Red’s cleaning ability. Spray the stain area generously and let sit for 1 minute
  3. The third step includes a white terry cloth towel that needs to be moist or damp. If you were to use a colored cloth; the dye from the cloth may transfer to your carpet leaving a new stain and that is why we use a white terry cloth. Place the terry cloth over the stain as a protective barrier between the steam iron and the carpet.
  4. The final step is the place the steam iron on top of the terry cloth for 30 second intervals to begin the transfer of red dye from the carpet to the terry cloth. Be careful with the steam iron as it may melt the carpet fibers if you leave on cloth for a longer period. Check the stain every 30 seconds and move moist cloth until the stain residue is completely removed.

If you have any questions regarding this technique you can contact us via email or phone. We are always happy to assist in keeping your carpets looking great.