Due to dust and pollen Albuquerque is well known for its allergies. As New Mexicans we live in a beautiful climate with four seasons. As a trade off, we are exposed to allergens because of our variable climate and changing seasons. Dealing with allergies can be annoying and can create breathing problems for people who are predominantly allergic.Allergies Hiring a Professional Albuquerque Carpet Cleaner will help alleviate and remove most of the allergens from your carpet. Many people forget to vacuum on a daily or weekly basis. Vacuuming is also a critical step to assist you in removing allergens and dust mites.  The last step we recommend is to replace your furnace air filter on a regular basis to prevent allergens from spreading throughout the house. Combining these three steps will significantly eliminate those annoying allergies from your clean and fresh home.


As home owners we only remember to call a local Albuquerque Carpet Cleaner when our carpet is dingy and soiled from high traffic patterns. The recommended cleaning for high traffic is once every four to six months depending on the soil. However, a good rule for the average household is to have your carpets professionally cleaned two times a year. The only portion we see is the very tips of the carpet fibers. Dirt, dust, and pet dander land on the carpet and fall down in between the carpet threads. As we continue to walk on the carpet; the fibers rub together, and this breaks down the carpet. Over time, this leads to fiber damage and this creates the high traffic wear patterns on the carpet. It is best to eradicate the particles before they do damage to your carpets by vacuuming regularly & having your carpets cleaned by a professional every six months.


Sand in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Not sand from the beaches of the ocean. I am referencing the sand that is blown around when we have windy conditions. The sand makes its way into our homes and nestles itself deep down into our carpet. The dirt and sand is very abrasive and it wears down the carpet fibers causing wear traffic patterns. The wear also causes discolorations and can lead to permanent carpet fiber damage. We suggest vacuuming on a regular scheduled basis and reaching out to a local Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning company at least every six months to keep your carpets looking great.


We all love our pets here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We as pet owners forget that most dogs and cats shed petDog on carpet hair, dander, and skin cells. Cats spray ammonia within their urine to mark their grounds. Dogs do their share of accidents too. They drool and may inadvertently use the bathroom in the house. A professional Albuquerque Carpet Cleaner can apply and treat an antibacterial pet & urine enzyme to assist in cleaning the carpets. Pet enzyme pre-treatments feed on the organic bacteria to combat the odors. The enzymes attach themselves to the pet urine or vomit and continue to feed by breaking it down until the organic matter is consumed. After the stain and odor is gone; your local Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning Company will then steam clean the carpets to extract any residue left behind.


Remember, we only see the surface of carpet that is in our homes. We never see the parasites and allergens that are embedded deep into the carpet fibers. We suggest a thorough steam cleaning from a reputable Albuquerque Carpet Cleaner to keep your carpets looking great and smelling fresh all year round. Clean carpets give us the peace of mind and confidence to allow our family and pets to relax and snuggle at home.  Professional carpet cleaners will give you peace of mind, improve the air that we breath, and help keep your carpets looking great all year round.