What steps do you take when you move your furniture around the living room and you notice rust stains on your carpet? Rust stains can be permanent depending on the severity of the stain and not all rust stains can be removed. If you follow the steps below you may be able to remove the stubborn rust stains from your carpet.

The products used are listed below and these products can be found on Amazon or Google.


  • White terry cloth towel
  • Steam Iron or household iron
  • Carpet Brush to agitate
  • Latex gloves
  • Pro’s Choice Rust Away ©
  • Pro’s Choice Red Relief ©

Note: With all professional strength products, test in an inconspicuous area for color fastness prior to use.

  1. Once you discover the rust stain on your carpet, it is vital that you react quickly for the best result. The stain will be dry when you begin & you will apply the Pro’s Choice Rust Away directly to the entire stained area. Remember to wear gloves because rust stains are acidic.
  2. Next step is to gently agitate the treated carpet fibers with a carpet brush. Allow approximately 1 minute dwell time for the chemical reaction to take place.
  3. Extract the treated area by using a steam cleaning process. Remember you may need to repeat these steps more than one time to completely remove the rust stains from the carpet fiber.
  4. After completing the steps listed above you will then proceed to the second part of rust stain removal. The second step is to use Pro’s Choice Red Relief.
  5. Spray the stained area generously and let sit for 1 minute dwell time.
  6. Dampen or moisten your white terry cloth towel. Place the terry cloth over the stain to protect the carpet fibers from the heat of the steam or iron.
  7. The last step is to place the steam iron or household iron directly on top of the terry cloth for thirty second intervals. This will initiate the transfer of red or orange residue from the carpet to the white terry cloth. Always be aware and use caution when using a steam or household iron as it can melt the carpet fibers if left too long on the terry cloth. Check the stain every thirty seconds and repeat this step until the stain residue is completely removed.

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